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Poster: ghostofpig Date: Jun 8, 2007 9:01pm


Your accusation that Rob is guilty of deciding what is right for this forum is a remark that could very appropriately be aimed at you--or me--or Mr. Wolf--or a dozen other folks. We all think as individuals, not as a collective.

I realize that your reply might be something along the lines of telling me that I am a newbie and that you will "give me a pass" for my naivete, but you've used that one already. I suppose that you can say that we, too, have beef going back to April--over the "give me a pass" comment, but I have no beef with you--that I wish to be part of.

But when you go so far off the deep end and make comments as personal and nasty as you do--well, why?

Ain't no time to hate; barely time to wait?

It's so easy to pick up the morning paper and get pissed off at all the coverage that Paris Hilton gets or political commentary or whatever--but why tear up the paper?

If this board really pisses you off, why are you still here?

Let me answer that: to post incredibly intelligent commentary and to share your profound knowledge of the shows you love. So many folks post message after message about this "shakedown" from xx-yy-zz--gotta hear it now. You are one of the few who does not simple post a link and drop a few superlatives and run. You have something to say when you write--and I, for one, listen up every time.

But I am going to say this and you may feel as free as you wish to get as pissed off as you wish and flame me as you wish (though I hope you won't): your post is as much a downer as all the ones you throw your hatred at.

I realize that there are some really obnoxious prank2sters on here--some parasites to be sure. But so what? What do you do when you meet one in real life? Deck him?

Okay: I'm down off my soapbox.

Folks: before you say anything else, I meant it when I said Cliff is my hero for pointing out 8-26-71--an awfully overlooked gem that falls in the cracks of the summer of 71 when only a handful of shows were played.

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Poster: Ssag Date: Jun 8, 2007 9:51pm

The more I read GofP the more I understand he is like me. He was the first to see my irony and references and put me back in my place for being wrong (and I was wrong). He was the second to speak against the elitist thinking on this site after me (but did it the right way).

I know this may be misconstrued as being antagonistic but it's not. We need to get together and smile on another RIGHT NOW (in my best Jesse Collin Young voice).

We are one my brother and sisters We are one!!!!!!

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Poster: cush212 Date: Jun 8, 2007 10:27pm

Yes we are... warts, 2's and all!!!

And no Ssag, does not strike me as antagonistic at all...

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Poster: Cliff Hucker Date: Jun 9, 2007 3:53am

GOP, you were right on when you posted about "Hijacking" and salutatory or idle chit-chat posts...

So why are you getting your panties in a twist now?

Just because rob is close personal friends with Curious George and Sam-I-Am, he doesnt get to decide whats kosher here!

If your going to preach, then stand up for your convictions. You showed your hypocrisy before as well, by following up your misinterpreted attack on Cliff last April, with your own tirade.

Stick with the interesting and entertaining anecdotes about the amazing shows you have attended back in the 60's...

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Poster: ghostofpig Date: Jun 9, 2007 9:42am

Cliff: Indeedee.

My "tirade" was set off by some pretty offensive and very personally directed commentary. My "tirade" defended my right to post and attacked the underlying sense of poprietarianism that seems to fuel certain folks' belief that it's their way or the stairway.

I still believe that.

I have no personal bone to pick with you, Cliff; honestly.

I felt that a) your explosion was at a magnitude that is simply overwhelming and b) your point was lost in the fire.

Mu sense is that you are sick and tired of the double posters and the absolutely irrelevant posters, some of whom are one and the same. I don't find that stuff amusing anymore, either! Bellski2's post are getting downright offensive again--but, so what? I'm not letting him under my skin because that's his/their goal. I'm not going to suggest to you or anyone else how you or anyone else should react to
other posters.

I just feel that the verbal violence is as out of place here as anything else that comes our way and leaves a pile of negative shit. The "God" posts--c'mon--our little group emerged like a marauding pack of wild hyenas and had fun with that football.

I'm not going to try to be so foolish and/or arrogant as to tell you how to emote; I am merely requesting that you express yourself in a way that not only makes your point and purpose clear but also makes your point strong. You don't have to say it with flowers, but you don't need to spray it with flames.

And whether or not your pokes at me are defensive, some of them are, I'm sure, deserved. I know that I can get preachy.
I think that this is both a strength and a fault--perhaps more a fault as it says more about me than it does anyone else. It is not my goal to be preachy--again; I do not wish to diminish your point about certain posters one iota. Just how. I find it painful to read your anger not only because it is like a bomb dropped into the middle of a hornet's nest, but because I know that this issue is eating you alive--and, frankly, that bugs me the most.

I know how much you come here to seek solice and to share and glean. I hate the fact that the purity of the experience is frequently sullied. I hate the hypocracy that often stinks up the place (example: my request for less hijacking turned into a farcical thread; two days later Rob is thanking the group for letting his thread follow to its full conclusion--which is it?). I have nothing but disdain for those who post show links simply to post show links.

Others, no doubt, have issues with many of my posts. I'm sure I often come off as long-winded, pedantic, a bit of a braggart (so he saw them in 1967--what's he want--keys to the city?), irrelevant, whatever. i ain't perfect--yet :)

Anyway: let's get back to the good stuff; indeedee.

Wish you had been at that Gaelic Park show. Absolutely classic outdoor concert. Subway and all.

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Poster: bluedevil Date: Jun 9, 2007 8:49am

I know I piss people off (I should spend less time posting and more time working on my website devoted to the talents of Rob Thomas) but GOP is wrong, at least to me, when he suggests that he comes off as a braggart because he attended shows back in the day. I love to hear stories from him and others about "back in the day"; I didn't get to see the boys back in the days of Pig (who I think latter day heads way underestimate the importance of to the band), I only got dragged into this in final days of Keith and didn't get "it" until early Brent days. So, when he and other "old farts" tell a story of something predating the Carter administration, I want to read it because, for me, it adds another element to my overall sense of appreciation for the band, which, as someone posted recently, is all of us (fucking warts and all).